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Special Offers:

Special Offer:  Two Weeks of unlimited classes for $25.00 complete!

Napa Martial Arts Special Offers

  • Internationally Accredited
  • Monthly Billing
  • All-inclusive Rates
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Limited Class Sizes

Call or E-mail us now to schedule your Introductory class appointment:  (707) 226-5869, or E-mail us at:

Here you can fill out and sign the necessary papers, receive your uniform, and participate in a basic introductory class. This lasts approximately one hour, after which you are welcome to participate in our regularly held classes.

Experience our confidence-building program as a means to deter bullying and abduction, as well as instilling self-discipline, focus and respect.  Our emphasis is on being your best, rather than the best.

We guarantee our instruction and Program, while sacrificing neither price nor quality.




“Since Owen has been practicing martial arts, I have noticed his Napa-Taekwondo-Academy-locationconfidence improve and his ability to climb and take chances physically increase. I think this is really wonderful. While in my Aftercare program there was an instance where he fell from climbing out of a box and instead of sticking his hand out to block the fall he pulled in his arm, tucked his shoulder and rolled beautifully.”  TEACHER




“I have noticed an improvement in Jake’s behavior and listening skills throughout the school year.  During recess Jake tries to work out problems with other students with great success.”  TEACHER